Benefits of Playing Chess

Chess is a highly strategic game. It was invented in India in the 8th Century. Playing chess requires intense concentration and deep thinking. So, why is this game so popular with kids and adults alike, despite being a challenging activity? Oftentimes people play chess for the love of it. However, the benefits of playing chess are above and beyond providing a  pastime activity!


5 Benefits of playing chess


1. Improves Focus and Concentration: All chess moves are based on logic and rules. Playing chess requires complete attention. Players have to be completely present. They also need to focus on every move the opponent makes so that they can plan and strategize their next move. As a result, playing chess improves logical thinking and concentration.


2. Helps Develop  Problem-Solving Skills: Everytime piece is moved on the chessboard, the game offers new challenges. The rules of the games don’t change but the moves one is allowed to make constantly change. This makes chess playing very challenging. Players have to rethink and re-analyze their strategies. In essence, they have to solve a problem that did not exist before the last piece was moved! This fine-tunes their problem-solving skills. Playing Chess regularly is a great tool to improve cognitive skills. Chess teaches how to problem solve in an uncertain and dynamic environment. This unique benefit of playing chess encourages people to learn and play chess at any age!


Benefits of playing chess extend to communities by bringing people together in a fun and challenging activity.

People of all ages can reap the benefits of playing chess. It is a great social activity that brings people together.


3. Great Social Activity: Benefits of playing chess extend to improved social skills. Chess is played by two people at a time. However, there are more than two people involved in a chess game. Other chess lovers like to watch two people match wits at a game of chess. This brings people together and makes chess a great social activity.


4. Chess builds confidence in young adults: The positive benefits of playing chess are also reflected in research conducted by The St. Louis Chess Club in 2019-20. The study verifies the fact that chess builds confidence and resilience in young adults. It encourages them to challenge themselves in meaningful ways. According to their research :

”  65% of students look forward to school more on the days they get to play chess.

72% of students say that learning to play chess has made them more confident when learning difficult material.

75% of students say that playing chess encourages them to challenge themselves more in the future.”


5. Chess Improves memory: There are literally billions of possible chess moves. Serious chess players memorize thousands of moves. They have to be able to recall and use these moves at any time during the game. This makes chess learning and playing an excellent memory exercise. Many chess masters have declared that chess has helped them improve their memory. Playing chess is indeed more than a pastime activity. Chess may be a very challenging and sometimes all-consuming game but the benefits of playing chess are immense!


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