What is a Business Directory?

Simply put, business directory is an organized list of business entities. Nowadays directories come in many different formats. A directory can be either printed on paper or exist as an online website directory. No matter what the form, directories are always organized by multiple parameters like type, location, size, revenue to name a few. These directories are created with an intention of connecting business owners with potential consumers. It is estimated that about 80% of customers use directories while looking for a product or service.

Types of Directories

There are many types of business directories. Directories can be huge and general-purpose, like Yellow pages, or small and niche-oriented like YogChakra. Their size  depends on their purpose and the segment of consumers they want to serve. For example yellow pages is a general directory where you can find information on almost any kind of business. Hence it is a large directory. On the other hand YogChakra.com is a small business directory curated exclusively for the wellness industry. So comparatively it is a small directory.

 The details listed in businesses directory depend on the aim of the directory. Most directories include basic information like name, address, phone numbers, nature of products and services offered. On the other hand, some directories offer more in depth information like year of inception, number of employees, names of top managers, business revenue, names of top managers etc.

Online Business directory are very popular with consumers and businesses.
Online Business directories are very popular with consumers and businesses.
Why do people use directory?

 Some directories provide driving directions to their location using google maps or open street maps making it easy for people to find them.

 Are business directories free?

Many business directories offer free listings. One such business directory is YogChakra.com. It is completely free to list on YogChakra.

However, in addition to complimentary listing, sometimes directories offer premium listing options. They may include many benefits for their premium members like help with the on-boarding process, better placement in directory, ability to add more features to their listing, etc. All these additional premium features are free on YogChakra


In conclusion….no matter what the format, directories continue to be a great resource for providers and customers alike. Businesses like them because they gain more exposure, more leads and more ways to connect with their clients and customers. Consumers like them because they can easily find the service and products they are looking for. 

Important : YogChakra does not endorse any business, treatment, or procedure listed on our site and neither do we attest to the accuracy of the information of other businesses listed in our directory.

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