Benefits of Biking

When Biking is a very versatile activity.  We can engage in biking as a casual pastime activity, use it as a mode of transportation, use it to run errands, practice it as a casual exercise routine or participate in it as a competitive sport. While biking is a great recreational activity, it is also a great form of cardiovascular exercise. Adding biking to your routine may be a great solution if you’re looking for cardio exercise. Thus, the benefits of biking are immense and varied.

7 Benefits of Biking


1. Improved Heart health

Biking is a very good cardio workout. Regular biking can reduce the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases like heart attacks. Biking helps maintain good cholesterol levels by reducing LDL, and triglycerides. It also helps lower blood pressure. All these benefits lead to healthier heart health. No wonder biking is highly recommended by physicians for improving heart health.


2. Helps lose weight

Biking is an excellent form of aerobic activity that helps burn a lot of calories in a relatively short time. Furthermore, it is very easy on the knees and ankles. It is a low-impact exercise that helps lose weight with less wear and tear on joints. The best part is that it can also be practiced by people with conditional chronic conditions like osteoarthritis because it is easy on joints. It is important to note that to reap the benefits of biking we can also use stationary bikes.


3. Strengthens and tones muscles

Biking mainly targets glutes, hamstrings, quads, and calves. In addition to stretching and strengthening the lower body, it also tones abdominal muscles.


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While biking is a great recreational activity, it is also a great form of cardiovascular exercise.


4. Great for mental health

The benefits of biking also extend to good mental health. Biking makes people happy. It improves mood and reduces stress, anxiety, and the risk of depression. A good bike ride releases the “happy hormone”,  serotonin, which can keep us happy all day!


5. Improved Sleep

Sometimes one of the big reasons for insomnia can be anxiety. Biking calms the mind and reduces anxiety which results in improved sleep. Biking is also beneficial in reducing the risk of sleep apnea by helping us lose and manage body weight.


6.  Biking  improves coordination

Biking is all about maintaining balance on two wheels. Doing this repeatedly results in improved balance, posture, and coordination. Being good at maintaining balance and posture helps prevent falls and fractures. This benefit of biking makes it an ideal form of exercise for people who engage in other competitive sports.


7.  Benefits cognitive functioning

The benefits of biking aren’t just limited to better physical health. It can protect cognitive performance by increasing psychological well-being. Biking has a very positive impact on our cognitive functions like working memory processes and task switching.



Whether you’re looking to lose weight, get more fit, improve your physique, prevent or help treat a disease or disorder, slow the aging process, sharpen your brain’s functioning, or just be a little happier, biking will deliver all these benefits and then some. Find a good bike, and go explore!


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