7 Ways Yoga can help Back pain


I have been practicing yoga for a few years and I’m pretty convinced of its healing properties. It has helped me with everything from getting rid of stress and anxiety to improving my muscles and flexibility. While there are plenty of reasons to love this ancient practice, one of the most important is the way it can help with back pain. Here are five ways yoga can improve your health—and keep your spine strong so you don’t suffer from pains and chronic aches!

7 Ways Yoga can help Back pain

  Strengthens the core muscles

Regular practice of Yoga will help you strengthen your core muscles, which can help prevent lower back pain.

Strengthening your core muscles will help you stand up straighter, which can reduce back pain. The core is made up of the deep muscles in your abdomen and lower back that support your spine. It includes the transverse abdominis, pelvic floor, and diaphragm muscles. Strengthening these muscles will give you better posture and make it easier to sit or stand for long periods of time without experiencing any discomfort in your back.

Yoga helps strengthen these muscles in two ways: first, it helps you stretch them out (yoga poses are designed to lengthen these muscles), and second, it makes you use them. In a lot of yoga poses, you’re actually contracting these muscles—and that’s what makes them stronger!

 Stretches hamstrings and hips

The hamstrings are the muscles that run down the back of your thighs and can often become tight if you spend a lot of time sitting. There are many yoga poses that stretch these muscles, including the downward-facing dog, cat/cow pose, and locust pose. By stretching and strengthening these muscles, your back will feel more stable and less prone to injury. You will be more flexible and will be able to avoid back pain.

  Eases sciatica

One of the most common causes of back pain is sciatica, which involves inflammation or irritation in one of the nerves that run from your spine through your hips, buttocks, and legs. This condition can be caused by a number of things including sitting for long periods with poor posture, injuries sustained during sports activities, and degenerative discs in your spine.

The practice of yoga can help reduce the pain caused by sciatica. Yoga asanas and slow, deep breathing can provide relief to people who suffer from back pain or sciatica. It helps them manage their pain and avoid serious complications.

 Helps build strength and flexibility in the back

When you think of yoga, you might picture people in a lotus pose or on their backs with their legs in the air. But what you may not realize is that these poses are actually very difficult and require a lot of strength and flexibility.

Yoga can help build strength and flexibility in the back by improving circulation, increasing joint mobility, and increasing muscle strength.

When you’re doing yoga poses such as Downward Dog or Chair Pose, you’re making your muscles work harder than they normally would. This helps with joint mobility so that those areas don’t become stiff or sore when performing other activities throughout the day.

Finally, since yoga is an aerobic activity that keeps your heart rate up for an extended period of time, it helps increase muscle strength over time because working out longer means building more muscle fibers per workout session–and every little bit helps!  Yoga helps not just manage pain, but by building strength and flexibility in our backs, over time, the pain might just go away!


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  Improve Circulation & Reduce Inflammation

Yoga poses that involve twisting help massage the internal organs and increase circulation. This increased circulation can help reduce inflammation and promote healing. In addition, many yoga poses use props such as blocks or straps to assist in supporting the body and reducing strain on inflamed areas.

 Improves posture and increases body awareness

Yoga also helps with back pain by making you more aware of your posture, and how you hold your body. As a result, you will be able to correct any misalignment or bad habits that may have developed over time. This increased awareness can also help prevent injuries from occurring in the future.

 Promotes Total Body Relaxation

Yoga is a practice that promotes total body relaxation by focusing on the breath, increasing flexibility, and strengthening the muscles.

Yoga teaches you to pay attention to your breath, which can help you slow down and relax. By slowing down your breathing and focusing on it, you are able to calm down your body and mind.

It also increases flexibility in your hips, shoulders, spine, and hamstrings, which helps you feel more relaxed in general. Yoga poses also stretch out your back so that you can sit up straight without feeling stiff or sore after sitting at a desk all day. Yoga helps back pain by helping you relax the muscles in your body.

Finally, yoga strengthens your muscles so that they are more flexible than they would be if you did not do yoga regularly. This increased flexibility helps keep your muscles loose so that they don’t get tight from sitting at a desk all day!


Yoga is one of the best ways to improve your back pain, strengthen your core muscles, and stretch out your hamstrings and hips. It can also reduce stress, increase relaxation and improve posture by increasing body awareness.

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