What is Martial Arts?

Martial Arts is a blanket term for various forms of combat techniques that originated in the Orient. As with all combat styles, the original intention was to physically defeat the opponent and be prepared to defend against any threat. It was essentially a form of self defense and combat. The literal meaning of Martial is derived from Mars, the Roman God of War. Hence Martial Arts is taken to mean “the art of a warrior”. There is however, another definition of Martial Arts. It is believed that ending a conflict and achieving peace is the ultimate goal of Martial Arts. The Chinese character “mu”  means “to stop fighting. So Martial arts can be translated as ending a conflict peacefully. In any case, it is an intense array of techniques that has many physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual benefits. 

Styles of Martial Arts

There are hundreds of Martial Art Styles. Some Fighting styles are original and have been practiced since centuries. In addition to ancient styles, there are some styles that have evolved in modern times as a mix of many different styles called MMA. Some of the most popular styles are

1. Wrestling

2. Kung Fu

3. Kickboxing

4. Tae Kwon Do

5. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

6. Krav Maga

7. Russian Sambo

8. Aikido

9. Judo

10 .Hapkido

11. Capoeira

12. Shuai Jiao

13. Laido

14. Kali

15. Kendo

16. Tai Chi

This list is by no means complete. In addition to these popular ones, there are hundreds of  lesser known styles.

Martial Arts builds character and discipline
Benefits of Martial Arts

Martial Arts is not only about learning fighting skills, it is also about developing oneself to one’s ultimate potential. It is backed by the philosophy that instills lifelong values and discipline in its practitioners. It needs attention, patience and wisdom. As a result, regular practice builds character and instills self confidence. In addition to these emotional benefits, it also have many positive impacts on our physical well-being. Regular practice provides health benefits like improved cardiovascular health, weight loss, improved reflexes, better muscle tone, better moods just to name a few. 

In conclusion, there are many health benefits to training in Martial Arts. It is a fun and challenging art form that has mental, physical, and spiritual benefits. Regular practice of this art form rewards with improved energy, immense strength, strong disciple, and will power. 

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