What Is Holistic Dentistry? What are the benefits and Why?

What is Holistic Dentistry?

The WHO (World Health Organization) defines holistic health as “a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being.” This means that it’s not just about feeling good physically, but also mentally and socially. Holistic dentists practice also take a holistic approach to dentistry.

For example, someone who has low self-esteem may feel depressed or stressed out. This can cause them to be fatigued, which negatively impacts their oral health by making them more susceptible to gum disease or tooth decay.

Other names for holistic dentistry include:

Natural dentistry

●Biological dentistry

●Alternative dentistry

●Preventive dentistry

Holistic dentistry is a dental practice that goes beyond the scope of traditional dentistry. It focuses on the overall health of the patient and looks at their physical, emotional, and spiritual needs.

Holistic dentists believe that oral health is directly connected to general wellbeing, so they treat patients holistically. Treating the whole person means looking at all aspects of your life and addressing any issues that may be affecting your mouth or gums.

The practice of holistic dentistry has been around for many years, but it wasn’t until recently that it gained traction in the United States. The American Dental Association (ADA) still doesn’t recognize the term “holistic dentistry,” but they do acknowledge its existence and provide some guidelines on how to practice it.

Holistic dentists will also look at your diet and lifestyle…

in order to identify any factors that may be contributing to your oral health. In many cases, this can mean changing certain habits or making some changes to your diet.

For example, if you are eating a lot of sugary foods then it’s likely these will start to affect your teeth – leading them to decay more quickly. This might include looking at your diet and lifestyle as well as any emotional or physical health issues.

It also means working with you to find the right treatment options for your needs, rather than just prescribing a course of action.

What do holistic dentists do?

In addition to the physical examination of your mouth, holistic dentists will look at the following factors:

-Diet and nutrition

-Your stress levels

-The state of your periodontal health (gum disease)

-Any current medications you are taking

Holistic Dentists focus on four main areas:

-Prevention. This includes routine checkups, professional cleanings, and fluoride treatments to keep teeth healthy.

-Restoration. When decay or injury occurs, holistic dentists can use non-invasive methods to repair cavities and restore damaged teeth. These may include filling materials made from glass ionomer or composite resins, which are stronger than conventional materials and better able to resist cracks that could lead to infection.

-Nutrition. Holistic dentists recognize the link between diet and oral health, so they may recommend changes in diet or supplements to improve the condition of your mouth and prevent the disease from developing further down the road.

-Wellness. The goal of holistic dentistry is not just to treat problems but also to help patients improve their overall health through dental care alone — including things like increasing saliva flow for improved digestion or reducing stress levels by treating temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorders with massage therapy or acupuncture treatments

What are the benefits of holistic dentistry?

Holistic dental care goes beyond what other dentists offer to help you achieve optimal oral health and well-being.

The benefits of holistic dentistry include:

Improved overall health

One benefit of holistic dentistry is Improved overall health. Holistic dentists recognize that your mouth is connected to every part of your body, so they work with you to develop strategies for improving your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being. This approach can help prevent disease before it starts, which improves overall health and decreases your risk of developing serious conditions such as heart disease or diabetes later in life.

Improved sense of well-being

Improved quality of life – Another benefit of holistic dentistry is Improved quality of life. Holistic dentists believe that oral health is essential for physical well-being but also contributes to mental and emotional well-being. By treating the whole person rather than just their mouth, holistic dentists improve the overall quality of life for their patients.

Focuses on the Root Cause

Holistic dentistry also focuses on the root cause of a problem rather than just treating symptoms. By addressing the root cause, holistic dentists are able to provide lasting results that can improve overall health and well-being.

Produces Better results

Holistic dentists understand that oral health is connected to other parts of our body so they take steps to ensure that everything is working together properly before moving forward with treatment options. By taking this approach, holistic dentists can help patients achieve better results than traditional dentists who simply focus on treating symptoms without looking at the bigger picture.

More efficient treatment

Holistic dentists focus on prevention rather than treating symptoms after they appear. By addressing possible causes of decay or disease early

By addressing possible causes of decay or disease early on, holistic dentists can prevent more serious issues from developing later on. Holistic care also takes into account the possible underlying causes of a problem and how they may affect overall health. By addressing these causes early on, holistic dentists are able to provide lasting results that improve the overall quality of life of their patients.

Better dental care habits

You are more likely to take better care of yourself after visiting a holistic dentist as they will have spent time talking to you about how important it is to look after yourself

If a patient has other problems such as arthritis or chronic pain then they may be able to give advice on how best to manage these conditions while still maintaining good oral hygiene.

Holistic dentists provide are customized treatments

Holistic dentists focus on treating the whole person and not just the teeth. A holistic dentist will spend time getting to know you, your medical history, and any other concerns that you may have. They can then use this information to determine a course of action that will suit your needs best. Most of the time the treatment is custom-tailored.

Patients Receive Minimally Invasive Treatments.

Holistic dentists focus on going the least invasive route when possible. This means that your dentist will try to use non-surgical methods and procedures first, before resorting to surgery. This can save you time off from work, and money on medical bills and ensure that any pain experienced is kept to a minimum.

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Patients Are Treated With Compassionate Care.

Holistic dentists understand that oral health is important in all areas of life, not just for how it looks but also for how it affects other parts of your body as well.

Optimizes Your Immune System

Holistic dentists are concerned with the health of your entire body, not just your teeth and gums. This means that they’ll try to identify any problems associated with your immune system and treat them so that you don’t get sick as often.

Holistic dentists are knowledgeable in the ways that your mouth can affect your overall health, and they can help keep your immune system healthy through regular cleanings that remove bacteria and plaque buildup.

They Understand That A Healthy Mouth Is A Functioning Body Part.

Holistic dentistry focuses on more than just aesthetics; it also considers how oral health affects other parts of the body. This means that holistic dental care focuses on preventing tooth decay while helping patients who have had cancer or diabetes manage their conditions with a healthy diet plan or alternative medicine options like acupuncture.

Use of Non-Toxic Treatment Materials

Using nontoxic materials is an important part of a Holistic Dental Care Plan. Holistic dentists are concerned with the materials they use in their practices and make an effort to avoid using materials that contain toxic chemicals. This means that they may use non-toxic sealants or composite fillings instead of amalgam (mercury-based) fillings, which can release toxins into your body over time.

Holistic dentists charge less

It’s no secret that dentists are expensive. However, there’s a reason why holistic dentists are less expensive.

They usually charge less because they don’t have many of the expenses that traditional dentists have. Holistic dentists don’t need to pay for office space or equipment, since they tend to work out of their homes or offices instead of renting space from a larger entity. They also don’t need to buy insurance policies or pay employees’ salaries. This means that you’ll save money on your dental bills by seeing one of these professionals instead of someone who works in a traditional office setting.

Why choose holistic dentistry versus regular dentistry?

There are many reasons to choose holistic dentistry over regular, or traditional, dentistry. First and foremost, holistic dentists take a more natural approach to dental care. This means they avoid using harmful chemicals and artificial materials whenever possible. Instead, they focus on using gentle, natural products that are safe for both you and the environment.

Additionally, holistic dentists believe in treating the whole person – not just your teeth. This means they will take into account your overall health and wellness when crafting a treatment plan for you. They will also work with you to help you achieve your goals for optimum oral health.

Finally, holistic dentists typically charge lower fees than traditional dentists. This is because they avoid using unnecessary materials and equipment.


Holistic dentistry takes an approach to dental health that focuses on the person as a whole, instead of focusing only on the teeth. Holistic dentists believe that the mouth is an important part of your overall health. They will take into account your overall health and wellness when crafting a treatment plan for you.

A holistic dentist will also work with you to help you achieve your goals for optimum oral health.


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