Benefits of Dancing

The benefits of dancing are not limited to its recreational value. Dancing is a very popular recreational activity and so much more than that. It is a way of choreographing our feelings. Dance has a unique ability to communicate and express emotions without using any words. Ancient civilizations found a way to integrate dance into their rituals and celebrations. They created dance sequences for various purposes like worship, hunting, weddings, and such. One thing that hasn’t changed in the evolution of dance is the fact that dancing remains a popular means of expression and enjoyment.

As fun as dancing is, in the modern era we have also come to recognize many mental, emotional, and physical benefits of dancing. As a result, dancing is considered more than a recreational activity, it is a holistic practice that is now recognized for its healthy side effects. It is seen as a self-care and wellness practice that contributes to our happiness and wellness on many levels.


Here are 7 well-known benefits of dancing :


1. Dancing is a great form of exercise. It increases muscle tone without feeling like a boring exercise routine. It burns calories that can result in weight loss and weight management. For example, aerobic dance sequences like Zumba can be just as effective as jogging or cycling.


2. Dancing builds our bones because it is a weight-bearing activity. Regular practice can reduce the risk of osteoporosis by making bones stronger.

Traditional India dance is a great way to tell stories and get a nice workout

Traditional Indian dance is a great way to narrate stories through body movements and get a nice workout too!


3. Improves Flexibility and agility: Dancing is all about constant movement which ends up improving balance and flexibility.


4. Benefits of dancing extend to our social life too! It can help make friends by connecting us with people who share our love of dancing.


5. Benefits of dancing on mental health cannot be downplayed! It is a great way to reduce stress. Dancing allows us to be in the present moment. We have to focus on music and our surroundings which can be very therapeutic and meditative. Dancing can fill our empty time with a fun activity that offers us a space to get out of our heads and connect with people through our body movements!


6. Boosts cognitive performance:  Dancing is known to improve areas of the brain that control skills and memory thereby improving our cognitive performance.


7. Aids Emotional health: Dance bolsters self-confidence and self-esteem. Social dancing is a way to gain confidence and express creativity.


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