The Benefits of Hiring a Running Coach for Improved Performance


Guest Post By: Jared Broughton


Have you ever wondered what your true potential is and why you get injured or plateau so frequently? If so having a coach for any serious sports endeavor is necessary. A coach is defined as a person who teaches and trains an athlete or performer. Now, how does that apply to running? Running is an individual sport just like cycling, swimming, cross-country skiing, and track & field events etc. If a team sport can have a coach then individual sports can too. All types of coaching are mutually exclusive because they are trying to optimize to win or improve for either an individual or a team.

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The problem with running and other individual sports is that everyone is very unique. You cannot visually see someone’s internal physiological talents.

Case study example: Two adult women

Identical characteristics: Age (25), Height: 5’8, Goals (Marathon), years of experience (5), complete the same workouts, mileage (80km/week), running group, consistency, self-motivation.

Outcome: Woman A beats (3:30) Woman B by 10 minutes in the marathon (3:40).

Conclusion: Did Woman A have more talent than Woman B or was it a matter of the type of coaching and specialized programming? The only way to find the answer is to tailor training to each person and see how they respond to it.

It is true that you do not need a running coach to run in general or receive all the wonderful mental & health benefits. However, in terms of getting the most out of ourselves, we are not objective enough to always know that we doing the right things. Ultimately, we are our worst critics and constantly assume that we are not doing enough to see progress. A running coach like all other types can make all the difference to achieving all your goals in a timely manner. You never have to live in regret or doubt that you invested in yourself and running. Essentially you save time and frustration by having a coach than pursuing ALL your running goals always on your own.

 4 ingredients of success:

  1.  Ability & Talent
  2.  Motivation
  3.  Opportunity
  4. Direction= coaching

If you have 2 out of 4 of these you can be a successful runner but Direction is only one that can be negative if not properly.

Example: A new runner comes to a coach:

Athlete: “I want to do a marathon one day”

Coach: “How long have you been running?

Athlete: “Not long, only 1 month”

Coach: “How much running have you done?”

Athlete: “Not much, maybe 1km/day”

Coach: “Have you done other sports that involve running?

Athlete: “I do not do any other sports nor have any experience”

Coach: “Oh okay then, starting next week I want 100miles/week out of you!”

That is worse than no direction, that is a negative direction. They would be better off running around the block until they got tired than that terrible advice. My job as a running coach is to create an environment for those who feel discouraged or unmotivated to become motivated. It is not my job to motivate them. Therefore, a good coach not only ensures that the process and program is enjoyable but also makes the runner feel empowered no matter what. If someone despises nor looks forward to the training; no matter how customized the program is, running will not succeed. That said, there is a significant psychological benefit to having a coach that many passionate serious runners look over. There is more to hiring a coach to get faster or win races.

Other common reasons people hire coaches:

  • Help enjoy the process more
  • Gain more energy
  • Become more consistent
  • Return to running after an injury safely
  • Improve strength
  • Running buddy/personal pace bunny
  • Mileage goals instead of chasing times
  • Generalized fitness & health reasons

Overall benefits:

Accountability: We can only keep ourselves accountable to a point during tough times. A coach can keep you on track.

Support System: I will be there every step of the way and always available for you for questions, concerns, modifications, advice, insight, etc.

External motivation: Everyone needs a little external motivation when their intrinsic motivation is low and discouraged. A coach is the biggest source of that type of motivation.

No guessing work: We can only be so objective about ourselves. When you are trying to test yourself, you tend to think we are not working hard enough.  I eliminate any doubt of what you should do to reach your max potential.

Personal cheerleader and running buddy: Always encourage and make you feel empowered and motivated. Objective to create an environment so that you are eternally motivated to run as a lifestyle and passion with skill.

Individualized programming: ALL programs online are cookie-cutter programs and not designed specifically for you. Your running would be based on YOU and your abilities, experiences, strengths & weaknesses.


Life is too short to not embark on your running goals NOW! Do not waste time trying to figure It all on your own if you want to succeed, be great and reach your potential as a runner!

Writer Bio

My name is Jared Broughton, and I am 34-year-old professional running coach and mentor. I have been visually impaired (legally blind) since birth and am a former carded para-athletics athlete. I have been running seriously for 17 years consistently non-stop.

I help aspiring & experienced runners fit training into their busy schedules & achieve their athletic performance & fitness goals.

My personalized training plan & coaching helps you boost mental, physical, and longevity health without injury, pain, or “falling off the wagon”. Please check out my website for more information here

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