Exploring the Power of Remote Reiki: Meet 5 Skilled Practitioners

“Through remote Reiki healing, distances become mere illusions as the energy of compassion unites and heals.”

"Distance is no obstacle when it comes to the healing power of remote Reiki."

As the world becomes more interconnected and technologically advanced, many aspects of our lives are shifting toward the digital realm. One such example is the practice of Reiki healing, which is now available remotely.

Remote Reiki healing sessions, also known as distance Reiki, involve a Reiki practitioner sending healing energy to a client who may be miles or even oceans away. This method of healing has become increasingly popular due to its convenience and accessibility, and more Reiki healers are now offering remote sessions as a part of their services.

Remote Reiki healing sessions, also known as distance Reiki, involve a Reiki practitioner sending healing energy to a client who may be miles or even oceans away.

Remote Reiki healing sessions, also known as distance Reiki, involve a Reiki practitioner sending healing energy to a client who may be miles or even oceans away.

At first glance, the idea of remote Reiki healing may seem far-fetched or even undoable. How can a practitioner channel energy to a client who isn’t physically present? However, it’s worth giving this practice a try as many people have reported experiencing the same level of healing benefits as in-person sessions. In fact, some people have even reported more profound experiences with remote Reiki than with in-person sessions. So while it may sound unconventional, it’s worth keeping an open mind and exploring the possibilities of this powerful healing modality.

I’ve had the opportunity to speak with several Reiki practitioners, and through our conversations, I became convinced of the power of Reiki. My belief in remote practices was solidified through my experience with online yoga.

Although I haven’t personally undergone Reiki sessions, I have faith that remote Reiki sessions can work just as effectively as remote yoga sessions. This belief stems from my personal experience with the effectiveness of remote practices, which has led me to have confidence in the power of energy work from a distance.

In this blog post, I will introduce you to some experienced Reiki masters who offer remote Reiki services that have been known to produce powerful results. These practitioners have mastered the art of Reiki and have developed the ability to transmit healing energy across long distances, even without physical contact.

“Through the energetic web that connects us all, remote Reiki healing transcends physical limitations.”

5 Reiki Masters Who Offer Remote Healing

1. Kohava Howard

2. Ginny Mackles

3. Cody Cooper

4. Kristine Memoli

5. Madeleine Harmath

#1.Kohava Howard

Kohava’s Reiki Journey

Kohava’s lifelong learnings, experiences, and challenges have shaped her into the person she is today. They have led her to deeply listen to her intuitive callings and pursue her passion for healing the world in an authentic way.

Kohava is an introverted empath leader and a catalyst for change. Her journey began 37 years ago when she joined the army as a nurse, and over the past 27 years, she has practiced various healing and wellness modalities as a holistic practitioner. Kohava holds certifications as a Jungian Life Coach, Holistic Nurse Practitioner, Master Healer, and Spiritual Teacher.

As the founder of “Emerging Vibrant Women” and “Thriving Holistic Visionaries,” Kohava’s nursing passion lies in understanding the human body as a whole, including the mind, body, and soul. Her mission is to mentor and educate introverted women, holistic healers, wellness practitioners, and coaches, empowering them to confidently utilize their unique talents and create a positive impact that illuminates the world.

Kohava’s Approach to Remote Reiki

In her role as a spiritual coach, Kohava has embraced the transformative power of Reiki, both in her personal life and with her clients. While she had a local practice in the past, which she closed down three years ago, her focus has shifted toward online work over the past 12 years.  Kohava passionately affirms her belief in the power of distance healing, stating :

“I did not think that using Reiki at a distance or online was something I would be promoting.  I meditated on it, asking how can I heal the world, I did my research and I arrived at a different perspective of frequency healing, the collective unconscious, and the energetic web that connects us all.

Now more than ever, we need to rise as lightworkers. I believe that we have the power to heal the world. Step fully into our power and wisdom as Reiki Master healers to guide and spread the gift of healing.”

Remote Reiki Session Offered

One-hour sessions $77

30 min Reiki and meditation

30 min Intuitive Oracle card reading

Contact Information

Website and blog:



Contact card


Special Offers

Offerings for Reiki masters:

“As your Reiki Master, I am obliged to provide high-quality and effective training. Therefore I’m offering the Complete Oracle Reiki Toolkit for Reiki Masters ONLY for Reiki Masters longing to teach so they can thrive and flourish with ease. This Toolkit is a Done-For-You, Reiki Training Program for virtual or in-person teaching.”

Oracle Reiki Toolkit


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“Distance fades away as the healing energy of remote Reiki flows effortlessly across time and space.”

Ginny Mackles

Ginny’s Reiki Journey

Finding the stillness within has long been Ginny’s source of strength. The practices of yoga and meditation have supported her in accessing her inner quiet place. But during a very disruptive transition time in her life, she felt the need to expand beyond these practices.

Finding the stillness within has long been Ginny's source of strength.

Finding the stillness within has long been Ginny’s source of strength.

With perfect timing, Ginny was introduced to Reiki as a healing method to complement her meditation. Her first experience with Reiki occurred in 1985 at the Siddha Yoga Ashram, in South Fallsburg, New York, where a fellow meditation student was offering it.

This is how Ginny describes her life-changing experience and her journey since then,

“During my first session, I instantly felt relaxed, and my first thought was, “Something’s going on here.” It felt like I was coming home to myself. I signed up for the next available class and have practiced daily Reiki self-treatment ever since.

Opening to the experience of Reiki was like discovering a treasure. I studied Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki I and II with The Reiki Alliance, the only Reiki teachings available at the time. The day quickly arrived when I realized Reiki wasn’t simply an additional practice, it was my spiritual path and vocation.

For the first couple of years (yes, years) I used the practice of Reiki for myself with daily self-treatment and the Reiki Precepts. With the stressors of divorce and single parenting coupled with working two jobs—one as a full-time corporate executive, the other as a start-up Wellness Center—Reiki provided much-needed peace while chaos surrounded me.

Reiki provided a great centering practice for me to begin each day and end each night. The Reiki Precepts were visibly posted in my office, reminding me to recite them throughout the day.

Reiki helped my kids get to sleep at night and was a handy first aid support when my son injured his ankle during baseball and my daughter tore her MCL sliding into home plate.

Very quickly I learned the importance of integrating Reiki into my lifestyle.

The more I practiced Reiki, the stronger my connection became and I knew it was something I needed to share with others. I offered Reiki to family, friends, and colleagues at work. I shared it with individuals in need, with senior citizen groups, with cancer support groups, and eventually with clients through my own busy professional business practice.”

Ginny’s approach to remote Reiki:

As an independent Reiki Master Teacher, Ginny’s classes have a strong Japanese influence, combined with the structure of Western Reiki through Takata’s teachings. Her Reiki Level 1 and 2 foundational classes incorporate the best components she has learned from various styles, including Jikiden Reiki, Komyo ReikiDo, Gendai Reiki, and Karuna Reiki certification.

Ginny loves teaching Reiki due to its ease of learning and the ability to integrate it into anyone’s life in both formal and informal ways. Witnessing the positive transformation in her students after receiving empowerment fills her heart with warmth. Teaching Reiki remains a passion and a tremendous source of joy for her.

Ginny approaches all Reiki sessions with grounded integrity, whether in person or remotely.

This is how Ginny describes a typical Reiki session:

“Our session begins with a brief conversation which may include general medical and family history, ailments, and anything else they would like me to know. I ask them to lie down and open to receive. While they are beginning to relax, I prepare myself by getting grounded, and centered, reciting the Reiki Precepts, activating the Reiki II symbols, and setting an open healing intention. As with an in-person session, I open to the flow of Reiki to my client, slowly moving down the body and concluding with grounding at their feet.”

In cases where clients are unable to connect on Zoom at the beginning of the session, Ginny uses a photograph or a piece of paper with the person’s name and birthdate as a surrogate (as Sensei Takata did) to help visualize them during the session.

Remote Reiki Sessions Offered

45 minutes to 1 hour.

$125 per session

Contact Information

Ginny Mackles





Special Offers:

Jikiden Reiki, Komyo ReikiDo, Gendai Reiki, and Karuna Reiki certification as continuing education for those interested in exploring beyond the foundational classes.

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“With remote Reiki healing, the power of intention becomes a bridge that brings healing to those far away.”

"With remote Reiki healing, the power of intention becomes a bridge that brings healing to those far away."

Cody Cooper

Cody’s Reiki Journey

Cody’s Reiki journey began in 2014 when he was introduced to a Reiki book by Steve Murray, which detailed the principles and processes of Reiki. Intrigued by the concept, Cody immediately delved into the book, eager to learn everything he could about Reiki and energy medicine. In 2015, he embarked on the attunement processes to become attuned to Reiki energy levels 1, 2, and the Master level.

Cody's approach to remote Reiki sessions closely mirrors his in-person sessions.

Cody’s approach to remote Reiki sessions closely mirrors his in-person sessions.

In the same year, Cody had his first professional Reiki session, which led to a profound spiritual awakening. This is how Cody describes the life-changing experience:

“During the session, I saw a beautiful blue orb of light pulsing in and out over the healing table and I just allowed myself to be immersed in this energetic dance that was taking place. I went into a trance-like state and then out of this blue orb, a concrete blue angel appeared and flew directly into my heart. I lay on the table electrified with energy pulsating up and down my body and felt the most ecstatic bliss that I didn’t know was humanely possible “

After the session, Cody gained a newfound sense of  “knowingness,” and his spiritual gifts and abilities instantly blossomed. Within four months, he unexpectedly founded a spiritual-based business, offering in-person and remote Reiki sessions as well as spiritual readings. It felt as if he had been propelled into his destined path overnight.

Over the years, Cody’s journey has continued to evolve and expand. In 2015, he commenced teaching Reiki levels 1, 2, and the Master Level to eager students, attuning them to Reiki and sharing its profound wisdom. Cody frequently travels to provide sessions in person and collaborates with local studios to host Reiki events, supporting others on their personal and spiritual growth journeys. His inspiration stems from assisting individuals in leading healthier and happier lives while connecting with something beyond the physical realm.

Cody firmly believes that by reconnecting with the infinite light within ourselves—our own soul light—we can heal and become stronger, capable of achieving anything. Guided by this goal and purpose, he remains dedicated to his path.

Cody’s Approach to Reiki

Cody’s approach to remote Reiki sessions closely mirrors his in-person sessions. Utilizing platforms like Zoom, he schedules sessions and provides participants with soothing vibrational music to create a calming atmosphere. He guides them to find a quiet space where they can relax and disconnect from external distractions.

This is how Cody describes a typical remote Reiki session:

“We start out with a 5-minute conscious check-in, where I can gain clarity of the purpose of their visit and align our session with client goals and objectives.

We then do a 5-10 minute guided meditation to lead them into a state of total peace and relaxation.

I activate the long-distant reiki symbol and allow the energy to flow to the participant for their greatest and highest good and I generally set up a yoga mat or massage table. The yoga mat provides a visual representation of the person’s body in physical space and allows me to assess and work with the client’s energy. I am able to feel energy just as strongly if in person, so the sessions are very similar to an in-person session. We work on balancing the chakras to promote the optimal flow of energy, organize their energy, and clear any blockages in the energy field.

Intuitive information will arise, and I share that with clients only if it will benefit the client’s health and well-being and aid in the healing process.

At the end of a session, I gently guide the participant back out of the meditative state of awareness to help ground and center. We then chit-chat and discuss the session and answer any questions they may have.”

Remote Reiki session offerings:

60-minute sessions $77

45-minute sessions $66

30-minute sessions $55

Tuesdays: Spiritual sessions, both for energy medicine and spiritual readings.

Contact Information:

Website: www.anewbeginning.life

Email: cody@anewbeginning.life

Instagram: @cwcooper07 & @anewbeginningllc

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“In the realm of remote Reiki healing, the hands of the practitioner become conduits for divine energy, touching souls from afar.”

"In the realm of remote Reiki healing, the hands of the practitioner become conduits for divine energy, touching souls from afar."

Kristine Memoli

Kristine’s Reiki Journey

Kristine had her first encounter with Reiki when she was 23 years old. At that time, her beloved grandmother was hospitalized and in poor health. A friend of her mother’s, skilled in the art of Reiki, visited the hospital and performed a session on her grandmother. Unaware of what was happening due to her recent surgery, her grandmother experienced a warm and soothing sensation after the session. She even mentioned having vivid dreams filled with beautiful colors.

Witnessing her grandmother’s improved condition and happiness, Kristine felt a strong desire to help others in the same way.

Kristine emphasizes that distance or virtual sessions are equally effective, as energy transcends time and physical boundaries.

Kristine emphasizes that distance or virtual sessions are equally effective, as energy transcends time and physical boundaries.

Motivated by this experience, Kristine embarked on a journey to learn Reiki,

“I wanted to help others feel that. That is where my journey began to learn Reiki. I took each level. In-person and online. I took and I am certified in the 3 Levels as well as the Master Level. However, I am always still learning. I enjoy teaching people how to connect within and perform self-Reiki.
I do offer and conduct Reiki. When it comes to distant Reiki or virtual Reiki understanding energy does not understand time difference or distance. Therefore it can be done anywhere anytime.”

Kristine’s approach to Reiki

Before commencing a distant Reiki session, Kristine ensures clear communication and agreement with the recipient regarding the chosen method—either virtual or synchronized timing.  Kristine further explains,

“In my approach to Reiki, I emphasize the need for both parties to have a sacred space available at our designated time. It is crucial for the person receiving Reiki to remember to drink water before and after the session. The length of the session and any recommendations I provide for before and aftercare would depend on the individual’s specific goals and intentions.”

Remote Reiki session offerings:

1-hour Session: $85

More Info on: calendly.com/memswellness

Contact Information:



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“The transformative energy of remote Reiki healing knows no boundaries, reaching even the most secluded corners of the world.”

"The transformative energy of remote Reiki healing knows no boundaries, reaching even the most secluded corners of the world."

Madeleine Harmath

Madeleine’s Reiki Journey

What happens when a solid, grounded Software QA Engineering Manager with strategic problem-solving skills has a spiritual experience of a past life contact beckoning her to “WAKE-UP?

You got it. She becomes an Advanced Spiritual Teacher and Healer.

Madeleine immersed herself in the spiritual realm, obtaining certifications as an Advanced Spiritual Healer, MotoKi Level II healer, and Reiki Healer and Teacher. Reconnecting with the wonders of the spiritual journey, she embraced the self-sustaining power of Reiki. Through her connection with divine wisdom, she guides others with self-help tools, awakening them to their wholeness and delighting in their potential.

Madeleine’s greatest joy is empowering individuals to release emotional and physical pain, replacing it with a life filled with happiness, abundance, and love.

Madeleine’s Approach to Reiki

In her classes, Madeleine becomes a fearless, passionate, joy-obsessed warrior of her version of Spiritual Disneyland.

In her classes, Madeleine becomes a fearless, passionate, joy-obsessed warrior of her version of Spiritual Disneyland.

In her classes, Madeleine exudes excitement and joy as she encourages others to explore their spiritual gifts and trust their intuition. She is a beloved and appreciated teacher, known for her fearless and passionate approach. Her vibrant and heavenly passion infuses the room, creating an atmosphere of confidence and empowerment.

Madeleine guides her students on a journey to discover the wonders of the metaphysical world, offering a new lifestyle where they can call upon Spirit masters for problem-solving and develop a close bond with the spiritual realm. This is how she describes her approach to Reiki

“As an experienced Advanced Spiritual /Reiki Healer, I have learned how Energy actually works. Energy is not bound by Time or Space and therefore by utilizing the Power of intention, I can set a specific intention to help heal a client from anywhere in the world.

During the course of the past 15 years, I have learned over 300+ tools, techniques, and methods that provide me with the abilities and skills to help my clients let go of all of their trauma and drama in order to help them live happier, healthier, and more abundant life.

My goal for each client is to provide them with the most comprehensive healing possible. In order to receive such comprehensive healing, I provide healing that helps my clients heal their trauma everywhere they are experiencing it across all time and space.

I am here to help each person as they move through their spiritual journey in whatever way they need help via Spiritual Guidance, Spiritual Healing as well as Educating them on ways they can help themselves.”

Advanced Spiritual Healer Certification
MotoKi Level I & II Certification
Reiki Level I, Ii  Master Reiki Healer
Reiki Level III Master Reiki Teacher

Remote Reiki session offerings:

Free 20-30 minute call

Available Monday- Saturday.

Closed on Sundays. 10 am – 9 pm

Each Reiki Healing Session is $300

Contact information

Madeleine Harmath

Saving Grace Healing Services




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“Remote Reiki healing allows us to tap into the interconnectedness of all beings, spreading love and healing wherever it is needed.”


Remote Reiki is a fascinating and transformative practice that has gained immense popularity in recent years. It breaks down barriers, allowing people from anywhere in the world to access its healing benefits.

Whether it’s through intuitive guidance, crystal therapy, or energetic clearing, these practitioners demonstrate the profound impact that remote Reiki can have on our physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

By embracing the power of remote Reiki, we open ourselves to a world of healing possibilities, allowing us to cultivate harmony and restoration, regardless of our physical proximity.

“Remote Reiki healing reminds us that the power of healing is not bound by physical presence but resides within the limitless realm of intention and love.”

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