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    I don’t normally write product reviews, but I have been using this Terelax massager for a month and it has helped me so much. I have heel spurs, plantar fasciitis, and Achilles tendinitis. In addition to these foot issues, I have sciatica. Just before I bought this foot massager, I have been seeing a massage therapist/chiropractor two to three times a month. Sometimes three times in one week. It’s been an ongoing issue for the past 3 years. Since I have been using this massager, I have been able to go back to running with little to no pain in both of my feet. I use to run frequently but had to rely on elliptical machines and spinning to get a cardio workout. Now I am able to run again. It’s a day by day progress, but I’m thrilled it’s become an option again. I am also an aerobics instructor and teach 8 classes a week, so any sign of pain I feel in my feet, I go straight to this terelax foot massager, and as soon as I complete a 30-60 min cycle alternating between my feet and calves, the pain is subsided or completely gone after one session. It definitely saved on time and costs I would have spent the past month. I am truly pleased with this product and its value.

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