Karma: A short synopsis by Nupur Gupta

There are three major categories of Karma.

  1. Sanchit Karma – All Karmas accumulated through lifetimes till now.
  2. Prarabhdha Karma – The allotted karmas from Sanchit Karma for this lifetime.
  3. Kriyaman Karma – Which we make during active lifetime.

Nitya karmas are the ones which are kind of mandatory, pertaining to our day to day lives.

According to our prarabhdha, we have to choose or are bound to choose our parents, siblings, spouse, family, illnesses, friends, etc.

The karmas are actually an indexing file or a glossary or lessons we have to learn through lifetimes till we ascend to enlightenment. The theory of karma and lessons is vast.

The desires which we don’t fulfill in this lifetime and we neither discard them during our death, those desired get accumulated over as karmas for next lifetimes.

Hence we should be very honest and lean on desires as they make us stuck in cycles of life and death.

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Nupur Gupta was born and brought up in Indian Capital city of New Delhi. She feels blessed to have been exposed to the best of the west and cherishes her deep roots in rich Indian Culture. Nupur has always been a spiritual enthusiast by heart. She find her soul’s fulfillment in exploring and following spirituality to its core. Go Back to Home Page

Nupur Gupta
Author: Nupur Gupta

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