How to Find The Best Yoga Studio


You’ve probably heard that yoga is good for you, but where do you find the best yoga studio?

When it comes to yoga, it’s important to choose the right studio. Yoga is all about finding balance in your life and it can be hard to find that balance if you don’t feel comfortable in your surroundings. The studio should be an extension of that comfort zone, so choose wisely! Finding the yoga studio that works best for your needs can be a bit of a challenge, but the right studio can make all the difference.

How to find the best Yoga studio

If you’re looking to try it out for the very first time, or if you’re a seasoned yogi who wants to choose a new studio, here are some great tips for finding the best yoga studio for you.

  • Ask your friends and family. If you have friends or family members who take yoga classes, ask them where they go.
  • You can also see if there are any studios in your area that offer a free class or two for newbies like yourself.
  • Ask around at work or school. Many people don’t realize how many studios are out there; often times it’s easier to find one near you than you think! Search online for reviews and recommendations.
  • Once you’ve found them all, contact them one by one and schedule an appointment so that they can give you an overview of their studio and answer any questions that come up.
  • Look at reviews online. You’ll want to check out Yelp and Google reviews before deciding which studio is right for you—this way, no surprises down the road!
  • You can find yoga studios on the Yogchakra Yoga directory. Yogchakra Yoga directory is a one-stop online shop for all your yoga and meditation needs. We have listed a large number of yoga studios, ashrams, retreats, and wellness centers across the US. You can search for the best yoga studio in your area using our advanced search options or browse through our directory to find one near you.

Things to look for in a Yoga Studio


Location is important to consider when choosing the best yoga studio for your needs. Ideally, the studio should be within your budget and accessible by public transportation. The location should have ample parking, be convenient to get to and be easy to find.

If you live in an urban area with many studios nearby, you may want to look for one that is close by so that it doesn’t take up too much of your time on the commute. If this isn’t an option for you, try finding one that has multiple locations so that you can choose which would be most convenient for where you live or work.

Class options

When you are looking for a yoga studio, it is important to keep in mind that there are many different styles of yoga before choosing the studio as your place of practice. Some people prefer a more athletic approach and others like a slower, gentle practice. It’s important to find class options that have classes to fit your needs and interests so that you can find the right fit for you!

If you love power yoga, but also enjoy more gentle classes such as restorative, don’t worry! Most studios offer multiple types of classes so it’s easy to try out different styles until you find one that works perfectly for your body type.

The teaching style of the instructors

When looking for a yoga studio, make sure that the instructors are able to adapt to each student’s needs. A good teacher will be willing and able to offer modifications based on the injury, special needs, or pregnancy of each student. An instructor should also help you understand why certain poses are beneficial in your specific case.

If you’re looking for a good yoga teacher, these are some traits they should have:

  • They’re patient and kind with their students, but also have firm boundaries about what is and isn’t okay in a classroom setting (like no talking).
  • They help each person individually when needed; not just one-size-fits-all instructions! One person might need more time than another on an exercise – but not everyone has the same amount of flexibility or strength (or knowledge) when it comes down to learning something new like this!

A good teacher is a very important part of the decision when it comes to choosing the Yoga studio as your place of practice.

Vibe and Ambiance

The vibe of the studio is a major consideration when you choose a yoga studio. There are many different vibes, depending on your taste and what you’re looking for. You may want a place that feels welcoming, or you might prefer one that feels more like an oasis or sanctuary—whatever it is, make sure to find out how much emphasis the studio places on its vibe before committing yourself to attend classes there.

The feeling of the studio should also be taken into account when deciding where to practice. Does it feel calm? Or do you dread stepping inside? The combination of these factors will make or break your experience as a student there (or perhaps even prevent you from becoming one at all)

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Amenities and perks

Check the amenities and perks before you choose any studio. Amenities and perks are things that studios offer as a bonus. They can include anything from complimentary water, tea, and coffee to lockers, cubbies, and showers. Some studios even offer amenities like towels and mats for participants to borrow during class. Other common amenities include yoga mats (for those who don’t have their own), props such as straps or blocks (some studios will have these available for use), blankets for relaxation poses on the floor, or even music playing softly in the background during practice. Studios may also have extras like showers so you can freshen up after your practice!

Teachers’ credentials

Whether you’re interested in yoga for health, to gain flexibility or strength, or simply as a mental escape from the stresses of life, it’s important to find a studio whose teachers have the right credentials. Researching online will help you determine whether a studio’s instructors are certified and have extensive training through institutions like Yoga Alliance (the national governing body). Some studios may focus on specific types of yoga; if you want more than what they offer. Make sure your instructor can teach what you’re looking for. The same goes if they specialize in prenatal or senior classes.

Proximity to restrooms, water fountain, and cubbies/lockers

You should also consider the distance to restrooms, water fountains, and cubbies/lockers. These are all important to take into consideration because if you have to go during class, it’s not very fun trying to make your way across the room in a crowded class space while holding your mat and not getting lost. That said, there is a happy medium between having a studio that’s too crowded and one that has inadequate facilities for your needs.

Class size

Class size depends on the size of the Yoga studio. Sometimes smaller classes work better as the teacher can pay attention to each student. Bigger classes have the advantage of more people to share your experience with. It’s important to check out the size of classes if you’re looking for a studio that offers the number of students that works best for you. When it is time to choose a Yoga studio for your practice make sure you have a good idea about the class sizes.

The energy of other students in the studio

When you choose a yoga studio, you want to feel comfortable. You want to know that your fellow students are friendly and welcoming, respectful of each other and the instructor. It’s important that everyone feels safe practicing yoga in this environment. This might seem like an obvious point—but if it were obvious then we wouldn’t have to keep saying it!

Studio’s approach to modifications and injuries

The studio should have a good approach to modifications. Modifications are an important part of any yoga practice, but it’s easy for studios to forget that not everyone is at the same level, or that injuries can make certain poses difficult or impossible. If you like your teacher and the space feels right, talk with them about how they approach modifications and injuries in class.

Class Schedule

When you choose a yoga studio, the class schedule is one of the main things to look at. The studio should offer classes that fit your schedule and preferences. The studio’s website should have information about their current class schedule, but if you’re not sure how often they offer different types of classes or what days/times they are offered, call them directly and ask!


A yoga studio is a place you want to feel comfortable. It needs to have the right location, a space that feels good, and teachers that can meet your needs. Make sure you know what type of yoga you’re looking for when checking out different studios – maybe something gentle or more challenging? It’s also nice if there are amenities like lockers or showers nearby so you don’t have too much trouble rushing over after work with no time left over!

With so many studios in every city, it is not hard to find the one that fulfills your needs. Just pay attention to the above-mentioned factors before you choose your studio and you will be on your way to becoming part of a community in which you can thrive!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I choose a good yoga teacher?

Choosing a good yoga teacher can be a lot like finding a good therapist—it’s important to find someone whose personality and style match yours.

First, think about what kind of yoga you want to do. Are you looking for someone with a focus on restorative poses? Or maybe power yoga is more your speed? You’ll probably want to look at whether or not the class is held in a heated room, or if it’s just outdoors once the weather warms up.

Next, consider where you’ll be taking classes. If you’re going to be working out at home most of the time, then it might be better to find someone who teaches online classes so that your schedule can work with theirs. If you’re looking for an instructor who will meet with you one-on-one or as part of group sessions, then finding someone close by would be ideal so that they can get to know you and your needs better.

Finally, make sure that the teacher has experience working with people who are dealing with some of the same issues as you.

When you choose a Yoga Studio, always pay attention to the Yoga teachers who teach there.

How do you evaluate an ideal yoga class?

The best yoga classes are those that make you feel like you’re doing something good for your body and your mind. The yoga teacher should be knowledgeable, but not too technical. They should have a friendly, warm demeanor and be able to explain things in a way that’s easy for everyone to understand.

The class should also have some kind of flow—it shouldn’t just be a series of poses strung together without any purpose or meaning behind them. The teacher should be able to give you an idea of what you should be aiming for so that even if you don’t get it right every time, you’ll still get more out of the experience than if it were just random stretches with no rhyme or reason.

Test classes are ones where people feel comfortable talking about their bodies and what works for them and what doesn’t, because when everyone feels like they can share their own experiences with the teacher, it helps everyone learn more about each other as well as themselves!

How do I choose a yoga class?

Good question!

Yoga is a great way to get into shape and stay healthy, but it can be hard to find the right class for you.

It’s important to choose one that will help you reach your goals—whether that’s getting stronger or more flexible.

Here are some tips:

1. Be sure they have enough instructors so that every student can get individual attention. You don’t want to be stuck in a group where no one notices when you’re struggling with a pose or trying to use proper form.

2. Check out the studio itself—is it clean? Is there enough space between each mat? Are they using any fragrant products (like incense or essential oils) that could irritate your allergies? Is there adequate ventilation? Are there any poses that require props (like blocks) that are available in case you forget yours at home?

3. Ask about their cancellation policy before signing up for anything—you don’t want to pay for something even if you can’t go because of an illness or other emergency!

What type of yoga should a beginner start with?

We would suggest starting with a type of yoga that is suitable for your body and your goals. For example, if you want to get into shape, a more vigorous form of yoga may be best. If you are looking for calmness and relaxation, then perhaps something more gentle would be better.

It’s also important to find a teacher who resonates with you. A good teacher will not only teach you the physical aspects of yoga but also help guide you toward finding balance in your life and making changes that will help improve your overall well-being.

How do I know which yoga class is right for me?

The best way to find the right yoga class is to go to a studio and try out a few different classes. I’d recommend bringing along a friend or two so you can get their opinions, too.

If you’re looking for something that’s going to be more focused on meditation, I’d recommend trying out a Vinyasa flow class. This kind of class will move through each pose slowly and gently, so it’s perfect for people who want to focus more on their breathing than on the physical challenge of the poses.

If you’re looking for something more challenging physically, I’d recommend trying out a Hot Power Flow class. This type of class will have you working through fast-paced sequences of poses that will leave you feeling like your muscles have been worked hard—but in a good way!

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