Benefits of Meditation

Regular practice of meditation is known to have a very positive impact on our physical, mental and emotional health. Benefits of meditation are most certainly not a placebo response. You don’t feel calmer or healthier because someone says you will. The authenticity of these claims is backed by scientific experiments.

Although meditation is an ancient Hindu and Buddhist Practice, it has gained popularity in modern times as more people discover its many health benefits. You do not need to have any religious affiliation to practice meditation. Meditation is a complementary therapy that has been adapted to be a secular practice. It can be practiced by anyone who wants to improve and manage their lifestyle.

It would be hard to list all the possible benefits of meditation. However, there are some common benefits that most practitioners experience and are backed by scientific research. Some of these benefits are physical like increased energy, some are mental like sharper focus, and some are emotional like feeling more compassionate. Let’s look at 5 commonly reported benefits of meditation.

1. Reduce Stress

Stress is felt when perceived demands are greater than the resources to meet them. The reality is that oftentimes the actual demands are not as high as perceived. Daily meditation helps train the mind by altering how we handle stress in a meaningful way. No matter who you are, and how old you are, meditation can be an incredibly effective way to reduce stress.

2. Control Anxiety

Meditation can reduce stress levels, which translates to less anxiety. Daily meditation teaches us to be more present to what is happening in our lives and our immediate environment. By being more present we bring more clarity in our daily lives and we become less anxious. Controlling anxiety is one of the most sought benefits of daily meditation.

3. Build Self Esteem

Some forms of meditation, like Mindfulness meditation, allow us to remain calm and relaxed. From a calm and relaxed state we are able to think clearly and rationally. We gain a deeper understanding of our negative thoughts and harmful habits. Meditation enables us to stay in the present moment and stop focusing on past traumas which can lead to improved self-image and a more positive outlook on life. We are better able to address our issues when we recognize them. Meditation gives us mental fortitude and emotional space to recognize and manage our self-deprecating behavior which eventually builds better self-esteem. 

4. Improved emotional health :

Studies have shown that mindfulness meditation alleviates symptoms of depression and negative self-image. A review of several studies suggests meditation may also reduce depression by decreasing levels of some depression-causing inflammatory chemicals

5. Better Sleep :

The benefits of meditation can be felt long after the actual practice is over. For those who suffer from insomnia, meditation can sometimes be a much healthier option than medication which can have unhealthy side effects. Practicing short mindful meditation before bedtime gives the body time to wind down. This short time of relaxation can significantly improve the quality and length of sleep. Good sleep will keep your brain sharp and well rested which translates to better memory and improved concentration.

In conclusion…

We say start practicing meditation if you want to improve the quality of your everyday life no matter who you are and how old you are. If time is an issue, research has proved that the benefits of mediation can be felt in as little as 5 minutes of regular practice every day!

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