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YogChakra.com is an online directory curated exclusively for wellness seekers and wellness providers. Our mission is to connect people with the wellness resources they need.

At YogChakra, we are dedicated to uplifting our communities by promoting holistic practices and recreational activities that heal and nurture from within. We believe that wellness is a journey that begins with self-care and an intention to live a fulfilling and balanced life. We often make the mistake of separating recreational activities from wellness. We believe that wellness and recreational activities go hand in hand. To experience a deeper sense of well-being we have to find hobbies and recreational activities that resonate with us. That is the reason we decided to include recreation businesses in our wellness business directory.

We request you to review businesses on our site so that others might benefit from your experience. Please be kind with your views. Most businesses listed on our online directory are small businesses and they appreciate all the support we can provide.

As a small business, we take great joy in supporting other small businesses through our online directory. We do not charge any listing or monthly fee to businesses. We do, however, encourage businesses to advertise on our directory. We are a niche directory and attract a specific segment of visitors interested in holistic lifestyle and wellness. We believe that a relevant business can really benefit from advertising on our site by reaching targeted clientele.

We hope you take advantage of our online directory and find the wellness resource you need. Please let us know how we can improve and provide the most relevant information.

Mission statement: YogChakra is devoted to creating healthier communities by promoting holistic businesses and recreational activities that heal from within. Our mission is to connect people with wellness and recreational businesses. We have created an online Business Directory, YogChakra.com to help people find and explore wellness resources they need.

We wish you the best of health.


Wellness is a journey that begins with an intention

Wellness is a journey that begins with an intention!