7 Ways to Meditate

Finding ways to meditate on the go 

Although there are many types of meditation, in essence, meditation is a wellness practice that involves relaxing our body and mind, silencing mental chatter and, focusing our attention on the present moment. 

The main intention of meditation is to separate ourselves from our surroundings and delve deep into our own self or consciousness. Tradition demands that we give due attention to where, how, and how long we meditate. It is recommended that we meditate in solitude and in the same place every day. Meditating in solitude in a familiar designated place may be an ideal way to meditate but, it is not always possible to meditate that way. For many of us setting aside regular time and place for meditation is a luxury we cannot afford.

The true purpose of meditation is to calm a racing mind and bring it to the present moment. Focusing on the present moment gives us clarity which maximizes our productivity. 

Meditation can be practiced anywhere!
Contrary to common notions, meditation can be a part of or everyday life and can be practiced anywhere.

Meditation is an ancient holistic practice that has tremendous health benefits. As long as our intention is strong, we can meditate almost anywhere. With a little bit of creativity and wit, it is quite possible to incorporate meditation in our everyday lives by finding ways to meditate in everyday places, places where we live, work, and play. 

Here are some unusual everyday places to mediate. 

  1. Beach Meditation : Most of us are familiar with sound meditation. Chanting a Mantra or focussing on sound is an ancient way to meditate.  When you are on a beach let the sound of waves and calls of seagulls be your mantra to focus on. Close your eyes and focus on the sound of waves crashing against the shore. If you prefer to keep eyes open, look at the endless expanse of water disappearing into oblivion. Breathe in as waves rise and breathe out as waves ebb. Watch yourself connect to the sand beneath you as you breathe in and breathe out. Look at the sky above and imagine it meeting the ocean below at the far end of the universe.
  1. Meditate while traveling : Most airports these days have a prayer room or meditation room. You can meditate in that room or simply sit in one of the chairs and close your eyes. In Spite of the hustle and bustle around you,  you will notice your mind will become calm and collected and all sounds will slowly disappear as your mind sinks deeper and deeper within you.
  1. At work:  Use your break room to give yourself the gift of a quick 10 minute meditation session. Even a short 10 minute meditation will boost your  focus and clarity. You will be able to listen more patiently and collaborate more efficiently with your colleagues. Good listening is a skill that really helps us get ahead in our work and career.
  1. Any public park in your area. Prop yourself on a bench, and close your eyes and allow your breath to guide you. Public parks are a great place to mediate. Since no one knows you there, you have the liberty of just sitting quietly and focusing on your meditation.
  1. Any water body, like a fountain or pond can be a perfect spot to mediate.   Sit close to water and focus on the sound of water. The sound of water can be  very calming. Staring at splashing water in the fountain or calm water of pond creates a calm meditative ambiance 
  1. Garden or any open area : Garden can be a great place to meditate. Stare at a flower, look deeply at its petals, its stem, its colors and marvel at its transient beauty.
  1. Meditate in your car : Last, but not least place to meditate is your car! Your car can be your own little personal cocoon to escape from your busy schedule and steal in a quick 10 minute meditation. Allow 10 extra minutes to your commute time and use that time to sit quietly in your care, close your eyes and bring your mind inwards. You will be surprised how quickly and easily you can focus in the familiar interior of your car! 

This is by far not a comprehensive list of places you can meditate. Get creative, be open to possibilities, and you will be able to discover all kinds of places you can meditate

It is fair to conclude that as long as we are willing to try unconventional ways to meditate, we should be able to meditate everyday. Our efforts to meditate will  reward us in more ways than we can imagine!

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