Creating Art: A Meditation

We feel our joy in our creativeness. Having realized the vastness of physical world around us, we draw inspiration from it to create a little world of our own. This may not be a conscious act, but this need to somehow interpret the world in our medium and, somehow connect with it, is the driving force behind all creativity in mankind. This creative genius in us could easily be defined as  own personalized yoga, our own personalized meditation, our own personalized mind-body practice.

There are innumerable sources of inspiration in the physical world around us. Nature, oceans, rivers, the trees, the life around us – all call us to them.  On the surface we may look different from nature and life around us but deep down in the recesses of our mind and our being, we feel the connection. We feel the oneness and we intuitively know that the  consciousness in them is the same consciousness in us.

 From this feeling of oneness comes desire to express it. The world of art does not coincide with the world of facts because our imagination always surpasses facts at all times. We may be limited in our body but our abilities to express ourselves through our Art is infinite. Surpassing the physical limits we reach out to our world through Art. Art becomes our expression of unity. Art becomes our way of interpreting the joy within us. Art becomes our way of channeling our love.

Creating Art also has huge health benefits as a mind-body practice. It relieves stress and anxiety. Art is known to relieve the symptoms of depression and take sadness away.  In that way Art becomes our choice of spiritual practice. Even something mindless doodling and sketching helps us by silencing our minds and helping us focus.

So we say, express yourself through any medium that you like!  Art is always a work in progress so to wait till you get better is actually not a reason to delay.  Start Now!

Author: Yogchakra

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