15 Affirmations To Boost Self-Confidence


Affirmations are positive statements about oneself and one’s future, spoken aloud or thought silently. They can be used as psychological practices to influence various aspects of your life, including positive thinking, self-help, and motivational behavior. Experts believe that just repeating one affirmation a day can boost your self-confidence!

By repeating these affirmations to yourself and immersing yourself in the feelings they evoke, you can take charge of your emotions and thoughts and increase your motivation to achieve goals or make changes in your life. They can help you to reframe negative thoughts into more optimistic ones, which can lead to behaviors that are more consistent with those thoughts.

Affirmations are helpful because they give you motivation, and clarity, and boost confidence. They serve as a source of strength when you need them.

Benefits of affirmations

-Affirmations can help you build confidence.

-They can help you manage your anxiety

-affirmation can boost positive self image

-Affirmations can be used for many things,such as achieving your goals and being more positive

-Affirmations are great for self-improvement because they help you to think positively about yourself and what you want your life to look like.

15 Affirmations to boost self-confidence

Unlike other types of affirmations (like the ones where we tell ourselves that we’re going to get rich), these ones are more realistic and are things that you can actually achieve.

1. I accept and love myself completely.

Accepting yourself completely means accepting every aspect of who you are, including your faults. It also means letting go of any negative beliefs about yourself and replacing them with positive ones.

If a thought comes up that makes you feel insecure or unworthy, acknowledge it for what it is—a thought—and let it go. Once you can do this consistently and effectively, your sense of self-worth will bolster significantly because you’re no longer wasting time dwelling on unhelpful thoughts and feelings. Self-love affirmations are a great way to boost self-confidence.

When we love ourselves completely, we make choices based on what is best for our own well-being without regard to other people’s opinions or approval. We set boundaries around others’ behavior so they know what’s acceptable and what isn’t, even though we may not think they’ll respect those boundaries at first (and some won’t). We stop putting ourselves down because then there’s nothing in our way from feeling good about who we are!

2. I am always making positive progress.

Positive self-talk is a great affirmation to boost your confidence.

If you’re not making progress in some areas of your life, it can be hard to feel good about yourself. We recommend writing out three lists:

-the things you are doing well at,

– the things you’d like to improve on,

-and the things that are going poorly for you but could be improved.

Then sit down and think about what changes could help turn those negative circumstances around. While you are making changes repeat and remind yourself that you are making positive progress.

3. I am the creator of my reality.

The law of attraction is one of the most widely accepted theories in modern psychology. It states that you attract what you focus on, and your thoughts and feelings determine how things turn out for you.

The law of attraction can help you achieve any goal, but it does have its limitations:

You need to be realistic about what you want and not expect miracles, because sometimes life just doesn’t work out the way we want it to.

That being said, there are ways that affirmation can help us achieve anything we set our mind to. At the very least affirmation will boost our self-confidence and help us stay on track.

4. My thoughts are creating my life. I choose to think positively.

Positive thinking is a choice, but it’s also one of the best tools you have for achieving your goals and dealing with problems in your life. When you feel good about yourself, you’re more likely to succeed at everything you do.

You may even experience unexpected benefits like increased confidence and happiness!
You can learn how to develop a positive attitude by saying affirmations like: “I am happy because I choose joy every day” or “I am successful in all that I do because my thoughts create my reality.” Positive affirmation will not only boost your self-confidence but also increase your chances of success at any given task.

5. My body is healthy, strong, and beautiful.

When it comes to your body, say this affirmation as many times as you need to in order for it to sink in. Don’t wait until someone tells you how beautiful you are—say it yourself!

6. I am grateful for this day.

Being grateful is the foundation of self-confidence. If you’re grateful for what you have in your life, then it’s easier to feel good about yourself and your abilities. Begin each day by reminding yourself of this fact:

-I am grateful for this day.

-Be thankful for what you have accomplished in your life thus far…

-I am grateful for my health…

-I am thankful that I’m living a comfortable lifestyle that allows me to enjoy life with my friends and family…

and so on!

Repeating grateful affirmation will also boost your self-confidence and make you more appreciative of small things in life.

7. I express love towards others easily and often.

-Expressing love is important.

-Expressing love shows respect for the other person and makes them feel valued.

-Expressing love demonstrates that you care about the other person and their feelings, even if it’s just a small gesture like giving them a hug or saying thank you for something they’ve done.

-Expressing love demonstrates that you are listening to what the other person says by showing interest in what they’re saying rather than just nodding along while scrolling through your phone or checking your emails in their presence—this can be especially helpful when trying to communicate with someone who has an anxiety disorder because making eye contact during a conversation can help reduce symptoms of anxiety in some cases!

8. I forgive myself for every perceived mistake or failure in the past.

Forgiveness is the first step to healing.

Forgiveness is a choice. It’s an act of love and compassion that takes courage, but it also has its own rewards: freedom from judgment, guilt, shame, and regret; freedom from anger and resentment; and a lightness in your heart.

Forgiveness doesn’t mean forgetting what happened or condoning actions that were hurtful to you or others—it means choosing not to hold on to pain anymore.

Forgiveness isn’t about letting people off the hook for their actions; it’s about setting yourself free from being chained down by those actions so you can move forward into new possibilities with less baggage weighing you down.

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9. Others see me as a kind, confident person who they want to be around.

Positive affirmations about your personality are a powerful tool to boost self-confidence. They should be specific and positive, in the present tense. If you’re not sure what to say, try writing down some of your own affirmations or searching for them online.

-“I am kind and confident.”

-“Others see me as a kind, confident person who they want to be around.”

”others care about me and I care about others”

10. I am attuned to the needs of my loved ones and make them feel important and loved.

Social connections are very important for our health, happiness, and self-confidence. Reminding ourselves of how we care about other people can make us feel good about ourselves. Try any affirmation to remind yourself of your love for others. It will for sure boost your self-confidence! You could try some of these:

-I am attuned to the needs of my loved ones and make them feel important and loved.

-I listen to others without judgment or criticism, but rather with empathy and compassion for their situation.

-I strive to be emotionally intelligent in every aspect of my life, from work relationships to friendships, romantic relationships, family dynamics, and more.

11. I am the master of my emotions and allow only positive feelings to guide me throughout the day.


When you are feeling down or anxious, it’s easy to get wrapped up in negative thoughts like “I’m not good enough” or “I’ll never be successful.” However, when you focus on affirming yourself and what you are grateful for,  your mood will improve almost immediately. You will feel in control of your emotions.

It’s a proven fact that our minds are incredibly powerful—and that we can control our thoughts with practice!

By repeating these daily affirmations regularly, you’ll start to notice how much more confident and self-assured you feel about yourself!

12. My mind is clear and focused allowing me to effectively accomplish all that I desire today.

Use these techniques :


-Meditation. You can find Meditation masters on YogChakra Directory.




These are all wonderful ways to clear and focus your mind. You can also try affirmations, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), positive thinking, self-hypnosis, or even just a quiet walk in nature. The key is to find something that works for you and do it regularly.


13. I am in control of my destiny because I believe in myself and know that anything is possible for me!

You are in control of your destiny because you believe in yourself and know that anything is possible for you!

14. I am a powerful being of light, love, and wisdom.

Become aware of your own inner strength by repeating this affirmation.

15. I release all fear, anxiety, doubt, and resistance around this issue.

By consciously letting go of fear and anxiety you invite peace and calm into your space.

Do affirmations work?

If you’re trying to change your life and make it more amazing, then affirmations are the way to go.

Affirmations are positive statements that you repeat to yourself in order to convince your subconscious that what you’re saying is true. If you say them often enough, they can help you change your thinking and create new habits, so that eventually your life starts to reflect those thoughts and habits.

That’s why affirmations work—they make changes in how we think about ourselves and our lives, so then we start acting differently too!



Affirmations can be helpful for building self-confidence and managing anxiety and emotions.

By repeating them over time, they will become part of your belief structure, which means they will influence the way you think about yourself, others, and life in general.

I hope these affirmations help you. I know that it can be difficult to start listening to your own affirmations, but once you begin to see the results and experience positive changes in your life, it will become easier and easier!


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